I believe that everyone has something of value to share and I don’t care if you have a million followers or just one, I will follow you on Twitter and hopefully be able to engage with you.  Unfortunately, I have several “Twitter Fails” that will force me to either not follow you or unfollow you.  Here they are:

1.  No bio – You want me to follow you, but you cannot take the time to write a short bio on who you are and what you are about?  If you are not willing to take that time why should I by following you?

2. Bio – Your bio is supposed to tell me something about YOU, it is not supposed to sell me something.  If you bio contains links with some self serving copy like, “Start making money today” or “Download my ebook” most likely you will not get a follow back from me and I would guess others as well.

3.  Your picture – If you have no profile picture, a scantly clad woman or a  picture of money more than likely I will assume you are spam and not only will I not follow you, but you will be blocked.

4. Auto DM’s – I hate auto DM’s.  For anyone who is not familiar, you can setup Twitter to automatically send a direct message to someone when they begin following you.  Usually these auto DM’s say something like, “Thanks for the follow!  I look forward to getting to know you better.  Friend me on Facebook here and check out my website here.”  In most cases, you don’t know me, our first true interaction on Twitter is a cold auto direct message that you send to everyone and you are already asking me to do something?  This does not work for me and recently I have begun unfollowing people I just followed because of their auto DM’s.

I wanted to provide five Twitter Fails, but to be honest, these four are the best and only ones worth sharing at the moment.  What did I miss?  What are some of your Twitter Fails?