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Hey Seattle AMA Bootcamp! Thank you so much for attending the AMA Bootcamp! I hope you enjoyed my social media session. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please shoot me an email as I really want to hear your thoughts. Downloads Social Media Bootcamp Presentation Content calendar Purple Cow Seth Godin Infographic Examples Brand […]

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Social Media is Changing

adage3Marketers today have been engaging in a social media arms race trying to gain as many fans and followers across their social media channels. Many are realizing that increasing the size of their social communities rarely translates to increased engagement or revenue.

Marketers are confusing audience with influence and are beginning to understand that the size of a brands’ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram account is irrelevant if those fans and followers do not drive a measurable Return on Investment. The real value of social media marketing comes from identifying your most passionate fans and engaging them to recommend and advocate for your brand, products and services.

Advocacy Social is the first Social Media agency specializing in identifying, engaging and empowering brand advocates. We work with our clients to understand their needs and develop a strategy that will empower passion in their brand advocates.

Social Media

Social media is about building relationships with your target audiences.

Cultivate a strong community who sees value in engaging with your company and brand. To accomplish this Advocacy Social works with our clients to develop en effective short and long-term social strategy. This includes:

  • Community Analysis – Identify your target audiences and what social networks they spend time on
  • Content Strategy – Develop a content plan that your target markets will want to engage with
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Create specific KPI goals that will determine what programs and content is delivering success
  • Campaign Planning – Develop social media campaigns with specific ROI goals targeting your target audience
  • Analytics – Track performance of all content and campaigns and iterate based on true metrics

Brand Advocacy

Do you know the difference between a Brand Advocate and a fan?

Advocacy Social was born from leading the social media strategy and execution for many Fortune 100 brands. We identified significant differences between brand advocates and ordinary fans. Brands invested significant time and budget to acquire fans only to see their organic reach plummet and engagement rates drop forcing additional media buys just to reach their existing fan and follower base.

We discovered within our clients’ fans, followers and CRM databases were clusters of true brand advocates. These Advocate Armies (as we like to call them) had deep brand connections and recommended their products and services online significantly influencing their peers purchasing decisions.

The difference between a Brand Advocate and a fan is the passion a user has for your brand. Brand advocates are committed, they have a deeper connection with your brand and stronger level of conviction to share and recommend your brand to their family and friends. Brand advocates are special and require special treatment if you want them to continue to advocate. They require personalized content, special deals and contests developed specifically for them to unleash their brand passion.

Influencer Outreach

What others say about your brand is your brand

Think you’re in control of your brand? The old rules of brand management no longer apply.Customers and potential customers have a new megaphone called social media, and they’re using it to share the best – and the worst – about corporate brands.

Identifying and engaging a strong influencer outreach campaign can significantly increase your brands’ visibility and campaign engagement impacting your brand perception. Delivering a successful influencer outreach requires the expertise to find the right influencers and nurturing a relationship ensuring all parties achieve success.

Advocacy Social has the expertise to identify which influencers will work best for your brand and the understanding on how to reach out to the influencers creating a great brand-influencer relationship.

Advocacy Social


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