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How to Identify and Engage YOUR Brand Advocates

Not every fan or follower is actually interested in what your brand is sharing on your social channels.  Advocacy Social Media works with your brand to properly plan and execute an effective brand advocacy program that will deliver short and long-term results for your brand. Our focus includes: Advocacy Identification: Gather user information from your email […]

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Social Media: The Little Things Matter

Last Thursday the internet connection at my house died. My wife works from home and without an internet connection, she cannot get her work done. She called Time Warner Cable and the recording said there was an outage and crews were working on it. They did not give any estimate on how long the outage […]

The Customer Experience

The first time I remember really being introduced to the term “The Customer Experience” was from a gentleman named Michael Dell when I worked for him in the Online Division of Dell Computer Corporation. It was a mantra that he drilled into each person who worked for him especially our group as we were trying […]