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Hey Seattle AMA Bootcamp! Thank you so much for attending the AMA Bootcamp! I hope you enjoyed my social media session. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please shoot me an email as I really want to hear your thoughts. Downloads Social Media Bootcamp Presentation Content calendar Purple Cow Seth Godin Infographic Examples Brand […]

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Crumbgate: A Case Study

An interesting discussion has been taking place in the Twitterverse and the web regarding a local bakery who tried to “garner attention to help us sell more tasty cupcakes“. Well they really got the attention part down, but I have a feeling if you asked owners of Just Crumb, they probably would like to have […]

New Beginnings

This blog is a couple of years old and for a good period of time, I was pretty dedicated writing at least several times a week.  I built up a pretty good audience and really connected with a number of talented and interesting people located all over the world. When all of a sudden I […]

Online Marketing 101: Bounce Rates

I would like to preface this post by saying that there are many many folks out there that know far more than I when it comes to metrics and analytics.  This is another post in the Online Media 101 series that I do where I try to simplify and start with the basics on certain […]

It’s Not about Doom and Gloom

I was recently attending a conference where I was scheduled to speak. I got to the conference about an hour or so early. (I am directionally challenged so I leave plenty of time for me to get lost once or twice.) Since I was so early I looked over the speaker list and saw there […]

Blogging Takes Talent

One of the challenges I deal with on a daily basis is trying to effectively communicate both the complexity as well as the challenges that come with social marketing and blogging. For people who are not entrenched in this medium, I think it is very hard to understand what it actually takes to be successful. […]

The Customer Experience

The first time I remember really being introduced to the term “The Customer Experience” was from a gentleman named Michael Dell when I worked for him in the Online Division of Dell Computer Corporation. It was a mantra that he drilled into each person who worked for him especially our group as we were trying […]

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