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How to Identify and Engage YOUR Brand Advocates

Not every fan or follower is actually interested in what your brand is sharing on your social channels.  Advocacy Social Media works with your brand to properly plan and execute an effective brand advocacy program that will deliver short and long-term results for your brand. Our focus includes: Advocacy Identification: Gather user information from your email […]

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Post By: Cord Silverstein

WHat does it take to produce great work?

It is a big question and depending on who you ask, you could get a multitude of answers. Adam Cohen, Creative Director at Capstrat and a really smart guy introduced me to a documentary called Art & Copy. Over my vacation, I found it available to stream on Netflix so I pulled out the handy iPad […]

Pearls of Wisdom? Maybe

Over the last couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to speak to a college classroom, be interviewed by a young man who just graduated from my Alma mater and meet in person a couple Twitter friends who have just graduated. What they all had in common was they wanted me to share any thoughts […]

Social Media Triage

Last week, I worked with a number of fabulous folks from the Triangle AMA to put on a Social Media Boot Camp.  We had an amazing turnout with a talented lineup of speakers and a great group of eager participants.  My presentation focused on how to Protect Your Brand in the Conversation Age.  There was […]

Crumbgate: A Case Study

An interesting discussion has been taking place in the Twitterverse and the web regarding a local bakery who tried to “garner attention to help us sell more tasty cupcakes“. Well they really got the attention part down, but I have a feeling if you asked owners of Just Crumb, they probably would like to have […]

New Beginnings

This blog is a couple of years old and for a good period of time, I was pretty dedicated writing at least several times a week.  I built up a pretty good audience and really connected with a number of talented and interesting people located all over the world. When all of a sudden I […]

Online Marketing 101: Bounce Rates

I would like to preface this post by saying that there are many many folks out there that know far more than I when it comes to metrics and analytics.  This is another post in the Online Media 101 series that I do where I try to simplify and start with the basics on certain […]

It’s Not about Doom and Gloom

I was recently attending a conference where I was scheduled to speak. I got to the conference about an hour or so early. (I am directionally challenged so I leave plenty of time for me to get lost once or twice.) Since I was so early I looked over the speaker list and saw there […]

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