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Not every fan or follower is actually interested in what your brand is sharing on your social channels.  Advocacy Social Media works with your brand to properly plan and execute an effective brand advocacy program that will deliver short and long-term results for your brand. Our focus includes: Advocacy Identification: Gather user information from your email […]

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Client-Agency Relationship: More than just Trust

The big news that everyone has been talking about is the amazing Oldspicecampaign done by Wieden+Kennedy. I am not going to go into detail about the campaign, if you are not familiar do a Google search and you can get caught up. Specifically what interested me was the interviews done after the campaign with members of the Oldspice team.

A number of  team members talked about that since they had to turnaround these response videos so quickly, they were not able to get sign-off by the client P&G for the content of each video. They had established some guidelines ahead of time and the client “trusted” the W+K Oldspice team.

I agree that trust between an agency and their client is absolutely critical. It is something that takes time and the right people and chemistry on both sides of the fence. I think there is something else that is just as crucial for a campaign and a relationship to be successful.

On the agency and client side, a point of contact is needed that is senior enough to provide the necessary feedback and sign off, PLUS have the confidence and may I say guts to take responsibility for the campaign. I would be willing to bet that there is a VP/Marketing Director/Creative Director on the P&G and W+K sides who are now basking in the glory of their successful Oldspice campaign.  But if the campaign went bad or underperformed, these same people would of been placed under a microscope by their superiors. Very simply put, good or bad, the buck stopped with them.

My impression is in today’s economy everyone is scared about losing their job resulting in a lack of real accountability. It feels like on both sides of the client/agency fence, we are doing just enough to cover our own butts and we are unwilling to take a chance and put it on the line. I am glad to see that there are teams out there on the agency and client sides that are not afraid and serve as examples for the rest of us.  I am ready, willing and able to put my butt on the line.  If there is a potential client out that is willing to do the same, let’s talk.

My congrats to the W+K and P&G teams for a job very well done

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